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We have a variety of fresh pumpkins so you can find the perfect one for decorating, carving, or for making pumpkin pie. Pricing is based on weight in pounds except for the mini pumpkins which are less than a dollar each.

Mini Pumpkins

Great for decoration inside and out. Fun for the kids and easy to paint or use for craft projects.

Pie Pumpkins

Pie pumpkins have a thick rind and not a lot of seeds or pulp so you can get more pumpkin puree for baking. See our family recipe to learn how to make pumpkin pie from scratch. 

Carving Pumpkins

Carving pumpkins have a thin rind so it is easier to cut through. They also have a lot of seeds inside so if you're roasting seeds you should pick these.

We also sell pumpkin carving kits and fall decor items

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