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An Authentic Northern Pumpkin Patch

"After moving from New England to South Florida, I found it hard to get into the fall spirit with the lack of seasons. I wanted some fall photos so I found Pumpkin Towne, which took me out of South Florida and into the perfect fall setting!"

Anonymous - Jupiter - 2014

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A Richer Experience

"What I have found [in South Florida] is that the churches go all out and fill their lots and lawns with rows to pick from. But the northerner in me wanted a richer experience for my son's first pumpkin picking experience, even if he's too young to remember. So I searched and asked around, eventually finding Pumpkin Towne."

Cory Janiak, Ebb and Flow Photography - Stuart - 2014

Amazing CUSTOMER service

"I was there a couple of days ago and I was amazed by the crew working at the Wellington lot. Good Job"

JUAN M.- Wellington - 2015

Searching for the Perfect Pumpkin

"We highly recommend this pumpkin patch. It's a great place to take babies and younger children because it's not crowded and offers some family-friendly activities."

Aileen, - Wellington - 2015

Best Pumpkin Picking Spots in Florida

Not everyone likes chains, but this one came to South Florida more than a decade ago and has been so popular it now has three South Florida locations. Not entirely a surprise because it caters to families who have made it part of their holiday traditions. Families have seriously adopted its suggestion that pumpkins are not just about picking your own but also about "embracing the fall spirit." 

Best Things Florida - 2018

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